Can Yaman vs İbrahim Çelikkol


Who is your favorite actor? Can Yaman vs İbrahim Çelikkol? Vote for your favorite one! You can vote only once in 24 hours.

Can Yaman: Can Yaman (born 8 November 1989) is a Turkish actor and lawyer. He was born in Istanbul, Turkey, to an Albanian family whose roots are based in Kosovo. He studied at Bilfen Kolej for the first and middle school, then studied at the Italian High School. Can Yaman finished as a top student in high school. Yaman went to America under the student exchange program and graduated from Law Department of Yeditepe University in 2012. Wikipedia

İbrahim Çelikkol: İbrahim Çelikkol (born February 14, 1982) is a Turkish TV Series and film actor, former basketball player and fashion model. His maternal family is Pomak origin who immigrated from Thessaloniki, Greece. He worked as a professional model before he started acting. When he met Osman Sınav, a Turkish film producer, he started acting. His first part was Şamil in Pars: Narkoterör. He played Ferhat in Siyah Beyaz Aşk. Wikipedia

Can Yaman vs İbrahim Çelikkol

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    27 Responses to Can Yaman vs İbrahim Çelikkol

    1. Amelia 19 October 2019 at 03:20 #

      Can Yaman is The One.

      A true man with no issues, dignified and respectful towards his co-stars. The Man with no troublesome fam, the gifted Actor and a charming person.
      Besides, he has got great fans))

      • Edna s.laborte 2 November 2019 at 01:02 #

        Im gonna give my vote to ibrahim celikkol wow he’s a great actor

      • Karren 13 November 2019 at 15:55 #

        I Only have 1 word for Can Yaman,he is..COMPLETE

        So no doubt..i vote only for CAN YAMAN.

    2. Renee 19 October 2019 at 05:56 #

      Can Yaman. Has down no doubt about it. Looks personality and heart

    3. Sandy Singh 19 October 2019 at 14:56 #

      Can Yaman all the way.
      He is the next craze of the world far surpassing any Hollywood actor..
      The man has panache and poise not forgetting charisma..
      Can Yaman …period

    4. Lana Ellis 20 October 2019 at 11:55 #

      Can Yahman! Controlled actor! Real! Love that about him Demet and him perfect chemistry!

      • Lana Ellis 20 October 2019 at 11:57 #

        What nderful series great chemistry!

        • Claudia 23 October 2019 at 18:00 #

          IBO FOREVER. Number One

    5. María Elena 21 October 2019 at 21:29 #

      Ibrahim. Actor de nivel 100! Se mete en su papel como.una segunda piel. GRAN ACTOR GRAN PERSONA .

      • Yuleydi Valdivia Paz 23 October 2019 at 16:08 #

        Mi voto es para Can yaman.

    6. Jen 21 October 2019 at 21:57 #

      Sin dudas mi voto es para Ibrahim Celikkol .❤❤❤❤

      • sarry rodrigueza 26 October 2019 at 18:57 #

        Can Yaman is my best actor. He is gorgeously handsome. He has expressive, soulful eyes that can melt anyone’s heart. Superb acting! Great chemistry with Demet in EK.

    7. María Elena 21 October 2019 at 22:18 #

      Ibrahim ACTOR de 100! Sus papeles en cada serie es una segunda piel para este hombre. Su actuación es tan real, que te olvidas q es un ficción lo q estas mirando. Grande Ibrahim.

      • Delizia 23 October 2019 at 17:57 #

        Ibrahim Celikkol Muy buen actor, así como un hombre hermoso con su altura de 1.90. Expresivo, bueno, se adapta a los personajes con brocha. Desde el muy gentil Alì Nejat hasta el grosero con el tierno corazón de fehrat. Sin mencionar al Barça, muy bueno.

    8. Sharon Lee Zepeda 26 October 2019 at 00:02 #

      Can Yaman is number 1….Great actor, person and all around nice guy…

    9. Maggie Cordova 26 October 2019 at 02:27 #

      Beautiful young man. So talented, smart, and lovable .Can Yaman seems to have a big big ❤️ heart, he is kind and respectful. I love that t he is with his mom and dad. And seems like he would be a great son!!!🙏🏽🌹❤️

    10. Nancy💖 26 October 2019 at 09:37 #

      Can Yaman the best actor whatever his role he can perfectly done very good job!!!

    11. Darilen Pozo 26 October 2019 at 15:07 #

      Definitivamente Ibrahim, su talento es único, le da vida a sus personajes, su personalidad enigmática es cautivadora, en fin. Ibo you are the best ❤

    12. Darilen 26 October 2019 at 15:19 #

      Ibrahim mi voto es para ti. ❤❤❤

    13. wency 26 October 2019 at 17:53 #

      can yaman a perfect match for demet ozdemer

    14. Asli 26 October 2019 at 18:39 #

      Ibrahim porytayed the character of ferhat so beautifully. Its not an easy character to play with. My vote is based on acting skills. Can Yaman is also a great actor.

    15. Zaheeda sayed 27 October 2019 at 08:26 #

      Can yaman has it all blessed in every way most important apart from his looks, acting fame and fortune Wat makes can yaman the best is his personality his character his heart. Awesome kind person. Stay blessed my gorgeous can yaman.

    16. Wanda 28 October 2019 at 01:47 #

      Jan Yaman has it all ,looks ,kindness,compassion and a great body ! He could be the Most handsome man in the world !

    17. Mariantonia 8 November 2019 at 03:58 #

      Je vote pour Ibrahim Celikkol, le meilleur !

    18. Maybel 13 November 2019 at 19:42 #

      Mi voto es para Ibrahim Celikkol

    19. Florita Valencia Oronos 14 November 2019 at 08:00 #

      I vote for CAN YAMAN because I love how he treats his fans the way that he gave importance to all who believes and support him. I’m from the beautiful land of Philippines 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭💖

    20. Vered Roher 16 November 2019 at 16:28 #

      Jan is an excellent actor and a rare man but … he had who to study! May Ibrahim !!
      Ibrahim a soul player. The most beautiful and sexy man on earth.

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