Alp Navruz vs Burak Deniz


Who is your favorite actor? Alp Navruz vs Burak Deniz? Vote for your favorite one! You can vote only once in 24 hours.

Alp Navruz: Alp Navruz (born 2 February 1992, İstanbul) is a Turkish actor. She graduated from Yıldız Technical University, Department of Turkish Language and Literature. In addition to modeling, Alp Navruz is interested in swimming and archery. He played as Sinan in Fazilet Hanım ve Kizlari (Tv Series). He is currently in the series Elimi Bırakma.

Burak Deniz: Burak Deniz (born February 17, 1991) is a Turkish actor. He starred as Murat Sarsilmaz, opposite to Hande Erçel, in the television series Aşk Laftan Anlamaz, in Bizim Hikaye (in English: Our Story), which is inspired by British TV show Shameless. He has been active in the Turkish TV industry since 2011. Wikipedia

Alp Navruz vs Burak Deniz

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    29 Responses to Alp Navruz vs Burak Deniz

    1. Maria 15 November 2018 at 00:18 #

      Please! There is no comparison! Burak is an excellent actor, brilliant. Super natural, really transmits feelings of each character.

      • Karla 14 September 2020 at 01:08 #

        Hermoso burak deniz

      • Rosa Muñoz 14 September 2020 at 02:13 #

        Burak Deniz es un excelente actor, sus actuaciones son destacadisimas, traspasa las pantallas con su belleza, es una persona muy carismatica.
        Mis mejores deseos para él en lo personal y profesional 💖

        • Barbie 24 November 2020 at 19:03 #

          Vamos debe ganar Burak Deniz es un excelente actor muy carismático … Me encanta

      • Maria Luiza 16 September 2020 at 14:12 #

        Burak Diniz é um dos melhores dessa geração, é natural, se sente a vontade em todos os personagens que interpreta, leva-nos a pensar que realmente existe tal personagem só pela sua naturalidade de interpreta-lo. Não acho correto comprara-los cada um tem sua particularidade. Burak Diniz é Burak Deniz né? Incomparável. UM ATOR COMPLETO!

      • Zainab 19 May 2021 at 11:16 #

        Burak deniz is the best
        He is the best actor
        Plzzz burak deniz is the best actor

    2. Sol 2 February 2019 at 15:21 #

      Alp Navruz um dos melhores atores desta geração . Excelente profissional , brilha com seu talento e simpatia .

    3. lazar elena 16 February 2019 at 11:27 #

      alp navruz e adorabille bello e bravo complimenti

    4. Soledad 21 February 2019 at 20:18 #

      Burak Denis, maravilloso

      • Maria Otero 2 June 2019 at 03:15 #

        Burak es un actor polifacético, excelente

        • Yomara 18 February 2020 at 01:15 #

          Alp Navruz el mejor ???

    5. Patricia Morel 25 June 2019 at 06:47 #

      Burak Deniz eres el mejor actor amo tu trabajo en amor sin palabras

      • Ashif Ali saha 23 April 2020 at 11:30 #

        Excellent romantic and handsome actor of turky. I am Indian fan dear ❤️❤️❤️??

    6. Maryum 26 June 2019 at 19:36 #

      Burak Deniz has this ability to develop the character he is playing with each episode and he also transmits his energy onscreen so well that one gets addicted to his project.
      Despite a very bad hairdo in Bizim Hikaye , his acting skills and natural talent made the project a roaring success along with his co stars..
      The best Turkish Tv series of 2019 has to be Bizim Hikaye. The best male actor = Burak Deniz.

    7. Yasmine 9 July 2019 at 20:57 #

      Burak deniz

      • Sanaya 10 August 2020 at 13:22 #

        Alp navroz is the best and brilliant actor

    8. Elizabeth 10 August 2019 at 07:33 #

      Burak Deniz excelente actor todo su manera de actuar es excelente, natural y te obsecionas con el.

    9. HB baloch 28 October 2019 at 13:24 #

      My best actor,the most handsome in all over the world the one and only Burak deniz????????????❤???????
      No one is like him in the worl,I love his acting ,personality ,his smile ?everything ?

    10. hindaallal 13 April 2020 at 21:43 #

      For sure Alp Navruz is the best actor ♥? handsome , charismatic and talented ?

    11. Marietgaegina 5 May 2020 at 16:13 #

      Alp Navruz the best actor.. ever..ever????

    12. Judith 13 September 2020 at 06:26 #

      No existe ninguna duda burak Deniz es un actor nato que transmite emociones a través de sus escenas actorales desde pasión ternura emociones que lo enganchan a uno desde cualquier papel actoral que el desempeñe Burak Deniz el mejor actor !

    13. Wendy Ortega 1 December 2020 at 16:06 #

      Burak Deniz, me encantan sus actuaciones es un actor espectacular. Saludos afectuosos desde Ecuador.


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